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There are many varieties included in this collection of celebrities. They span across a plethora of genres and certainly capture the artists’ personalities.
Corset Girls
The Corset Girls were created to explore feminine qualities in women, lingerie, paint styles, fabrics and embellishments.
Custom Art
Installation photos of my custom art created for designer’s clients always brings a smile to my face!
Digital Art
A new collection created using my IPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate.
These pieces of work all relay a message through the eyes, the gestures and the style.
This collection includes a multitude of techniques, the simplest being a charcoal drawing created in an open studio with a live model.
Georgia O’Keefe influenced these beauties in bloom.
These whimsical illustrations are sure to bring a smile to your face.
Landscapes & Seascapes
This collection includes many paintings in a variety of styles all focusing on land, sea and sky.
I’ve always enjoyed creating figurative works. Never did I entertain the idea of painting mermaids until I moved near the water.
Murals & Decorative Finishes
Murals and Decorative Finishes can personalize your home or business.
Nearly Naked
This series definitely sparked the idea for the “Precious Metals” technique I concocted. The figures are sexy and sensual.
Pet Portraits
It is my pleasure to capture the personality of your Fur Baby! All I need is a photo focusing on the face. Pet portraits make such special gifts. They are original, personal and timeless.
Portraits make a wonderful gift. They are unique, forever and meaningful.
Potty Paintings
A Whimsical Collection featured in Men’s Rooms of several restaurants and powder bathrooms.
Precious Metals
The variety of materials used illustrates all of the layers we have as women. We are raw inside like charcoal; we cover our true selves and emotions with shiny, sparkly, glossy coatings.
Seabrook Pelicans
I love adding character to the Seabrook Community.
Southern Girls
The Southern Girls were actually inspired by my daughter. Maybe they remind you of a friend, someone dear to you or a moment in time.
Still Life
This collection includes a sampling of drawings and paintings studying life itself.
Subjectively Abstract
To abstract something in art is to change it in some way. The emphasis becomes the lines, shapes, colors, forms, texture, etc. This collection addresses all of that and then some.
Wine & Spirits
This collection includes a variety of styles with the common trait being bold color. Regardless of the painting technique I chose at the time they all evoke a sense of “Happy Hour”.
Women n' Wine
The Women ‘n’ Wine Series compares a woman to wine. Both have a body, legs, an aroma, a flavor and an essence. The bottle is a vessel for the wine; our bodies are a vessel for our soul.

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