Close your eyes. What do you see? I see sparks of color. I have for as long as I can remember.

I knew I was an artist as a young child, and I would color the world one spark at a time.

I myself am a work of art in progress as are my paintings. My art is an expression of my true self, and each piece expresses where I am on an artistic as well as personal journey.

The universe has given me a gift. It is my soul’s purpose to share these gems. The lines, colors, shapes, textures, forms and spaces are elements of my art as well as myself. The lines connect the dots along my path. The hues on my palette are ever-changing, and my life is a canvas rich in texture. Each experience adds value to my composition exposing highlights and shadows. My brushstrokes are moments in time, and I am appreciative for each drop of paint on my surface. My perspective is my reality. I now realize that those sparks of color I see when I close my eyes are energy, ideas and creativity- the jewels the universe has gifted me. I prefer positive space, balance and organic shapes in my world, my art and my circle of life.

I invite you into my circle.

“I am seeking.
I am striving.
I am in it with all my heart.”
Vincent Van Gogh

About Debi Starr

Award winning, contemporary artist Debi Starr feels happiest when creating. She has been a creator since she was a child, preferring blank paper and crayons to a coloring book. Before Converse High Tops came in colors, Debi dyed hers pink. Starr has always thought outside of the box, and her creativity has always been limitless. Debi Starr’s creative passion led her to Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and then to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to pursue her artistry and expand her horizon. However, after two years, the blustery winters blew Debi back to Texas. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Houston Baptist University along with a degree in Art Education, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She has successfully built her reputation and career as a fine artist and an art teacher.

Debi Starr has taught art to children and adults for thirty years and has been featured in numerous exhibits, juried shows, solo shows, galleries and events. She has been a gallery/studio owner and promoted her own as well as other local artist’s works, taught workshops and classes and hosted art receptions.

Debi is one of Seabrook’s Pelican Artists and has painted over fifteen of the beloved statues. She gives back to several communities by donating pieces to various fundraisers and painting live at events. Starr participates in the National Society of Artists, Art on the Avenue, Celebration Seabrook, Lunar Rendezvous, Barktoberfest, The Witches of Seabrook and Artwalk in Galveston.

Debi Starr’s original paintings grace the walls of many homes and businesses in the United States as well as internationally. Her murals and decorative finishes can be found throughout The Greater Houston Area, and her prints are available online to all.

Debi’s paintings are vibrant and expressive in nature. She is diverse in style, subject matter and mediums. Debi uses acrylics, inks, watercolors, metallics and epoxy resin. Her work is constantly evolving and reflects where she is on her journey of life. Her Precious Metals creations shine and sparkle much like the artist. The unusual combination of materials encourages the viewer to take a closer look. Debi Starr may be driven to capture an emotion with the stroke of her paintbrush, explore the contour of a figure, focus on the folds of a blossom or portray an expression.

Whatever the painting may be, it is evident that the artist has put a piece of herself within her creation.


Live Painting, Marais, Lunar Rendezvous May 2021
Live Painting With Musician Andrew Bateman, Opus Ocean Grille and Opus Bistro, June 2020 – Current
Live Painting, Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theater, November 2020
Live Painting, Wine Dinner, Merlion, Feb 13, 2020
Rock the Red, Live Painting, Marais, Dickinson TX February 2020
Live Painting at Ancora, Kemah, TX January 2020
Wine Down Wednesday, Pure Bar Art Exhibit Jan 2020
Lakewood Yacht Club, Feliz Navidad Market Nov 2019
Live Painting, The Witches of Seabrook. Merlion October 24, 2019
Celebration Seabrook, Live Painting Oct 12, 2019
Cut Foil Paint Party, Webster, TX September 26, 2019
White Linen Nights, Live Painting, Marais, Dickinson, TX August 2019
Live Painting, Merlion July 13, 2019
Lakewood Yacht Club Feliz Navidad, November 2018
The Witches of Seabrook, Live Painting, Merlion, October 2018
Barktoberfest, Live Painting, October 13, 2018
Celebration Seabrook, Live Painting, October 6, 2018
City of Seabrook, Live Painting Rain Barrels, July 21, 2018
Live Painting, G. Lee Gallery, July 5, 2018
Celebration Seabrook November 11, 2017 – Seabrook, Texas
Pop Art Pets Workshop – October 2017- Galveston, Texas
Ombre’ Effects Workshop – October 2017 – Galveston, Texas
Abstract Seascapes Workshop – September 2017 – Galveston, TX
Alcohol Ink Workshop – September 2017- Galveston, TX
Celebration Seabrook November 2016 – Seabrook, Texas
Live Painting at Merlion on 4th November 2015 – Seabrook, Texas
StarrStruck Gallery ” The Art of Fashion” March 2015 – Clear Lake Shores, Texas
The Starving Artist Gallery “Live Painting” for Young Texans Against Cancer, Houston, TX March 2014

Seabrook Pelicans

Clear Falls High School – Sir Steve
Lake Point Forest Subdivision – Captain
Bay Side Little League
Under the “Seabrook” – Monroe Field Splash Pad
Seabrook Fire Department
La Maison Apartments – Pepe’
Celebration Seabrook 2016 – Seabrook Sunset & Puzzled
Celebration Seabrook 2017 – We Love Seabrook 2
Celebration Seabrook 2018 – Ecology Themed 2
Celebration Seabrook 2019 – Music Themed 2
Seabrook RV’S & Travel – Tourist Tom
Lake Cove Subdivision
Seabrook United Methodist Church
Webber Pelican for the Bridge Expansion (not yet installed)


Art Displayed/For Sale at Merlion, Seabrook, TX 2018 – Current
Art Displayed/Sale at Pomodoros, League City, TX 2019 – Current
Art Displayed at Marais, Dickinson, TX 2019 – Current
The Bees Knees Art Show, Affaire D’Art Feb-Mar 2020
NSA Juried Show, Galveston, TX October 2019
Foodies Art Show, Kallinen Gallery, September 14, 2019
Fears & Phobias Art Show, Texas Art Asylum March 31, 2019
Artwalk, Affaire D’Art January 19, 2019
Gallery Wall Space, Affaire D’Art January thru June 2019
Gallery Wall Space, Affaire D’Art August thru December 2018
Art on the Avenue, November 2018
Artwalk Affaire D’Art November 24, 2018
Artwalk, Affaire D’Art October 13, 2018
Artwalk, Lakewood Yacht Club, September 8, 2018
Artwalk, Affaire D’Art August 25, 2018
Artwalk, G.Lee Gallery July14, 2018
NSA Juried Show, March 3, 2018
Art Show, G. Lee Gallery February 17, 2018
Artwalk G. Lee Gallery, January 13, 2018
Gallery 314 Old Town Spring, Texas November 2017
Plein Air Contest/Show November 2017 G.Lee Gallery Galveston, TX
Art on the Avenue November 11, 2017 – Houston, Texas
Adam & Madam Galleristro, Old Town Spring, Texas November 2017
Law & Artyer – Kallinen Contemporary, September 2017 – Houston, Texas
Affaire D’Art, Galveston Artwalk Sept. 2017 – Galveston, Texas
Valencia Lakes Art Show June 2017 – Wimauma, Florida
December 2016 StarrStruck Gallery with Andrew Lawson
November 2016 StarrStruck Gallery with Jesse Jones
October 2016 StarrStruck Gallery with Sophia Buddenhagen
August 2016 StarrStruck Gallery with Altruiste Cravens
July 2016 StarrStruck Gallery “The Taste of Art”
June 2016 StarrStruck Gallery with Michel H Draper
May 2016 StarrStruck Gallery “Live Painting “
April 2016 StarrStruck Gallery with Nicole Gavin
March 2016 StarrStruck Gallery “Happy Hour Painting “
February 2016 StarrStruck Gallery ” We Love ❤ Art Group Show”
December 2015 StarrStruck Gallery with Andy Long
October 2015 StarrStruck Gallery with Jan Rich
August 2015 StarrStruck Gallery with Salli Babbitt
June 2015 StarrStruck Gallery with William Lloyd
October 2014 StarrStruck Gallery Grand Opening Reception
June 2014 JoMar Visions “Show it, Don’t Say It”
April 2014 Texas Art Asylum “Crimes of Passion”
November 2013 Nance & Hardy Studios Annual Art Crawl Houston
September 2013 JoMar Visions Group Show
August 2013 House of Tea Solo Show
July 2013 JoMar Visions “Hey Brother, Where is Thou Art?”
June 2013 Artists Alive & Well “Small Works”
June 2013 JoMar Visions “Children of the Rainbow”
April 2013 Artists Alive & Well, The Queen Vic Pub, “Victorian Romantic
March 2013 The Starving Artist Gallery “Live Painting”
February 2013 Artists Alive & Well, Hungry’s Cafe, “Red”
2007 – 2012 Vineyard on the Square, Several Solo Shows
2005 Sugar Land Area Artists Show
2005 Lone Star Art Guild Show
2004 The Vintage Bar, Houston, TX, Solo Show

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